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“I don’t understand my medications. The doctor seemed rushed.” 

“They were rude at registration and cut me off while I was talking.”

“I’m in pain. No one is listening to me.”

“Why am I still waiting?”

You’ve heard this before. But the patient is gone and their worries are a line on a spreadsheet from a survey weeks after their visit. It’s too little, too late. The care team is off shift and no one recalls the patient. The opportunity is lost.

Why don’t they say something? You’re asking the right questions at the wrong time. Patients do have something to say. They’re telling us in Google reviews, EDCAHPS, HCAHPS, and Press Ganey surveys. But they tell us after they leave the hospital.

Get the voice of the patient in real-time. ERAdvisor asks the right questions at the right time. We’re the patient’s companion through their care journey in the Emergency Department. As part of that journey, we've built an Experience Management Tool directly into the ERAdvisor platform. In addition to viewing and sharing information about their visit, patients can now provide feedback about their emergency care as it happens. This enables a more efficient way to manage the care experience, increase patient satisfaction scores, and improve Google review scores. 

Solve patient problems before they’re an HCAHPS problem. When ERAdvisor identifies an unsatisfactory care experience, a real-time alert and rounding task is generated to a resource empowered to resolve the problem. Not all problems are solvable, but the touch point between an empathetic resource and the patient can drastically change the care experience.

  • Identify patient complaints before they’ve left. 
  • Remediate patient concerns in real time.
  • Capitalize on teaching moments. 
  • Identify 5 star ratings and improve Google reviews.

Want to learn more? Check out the Experience Management Tool demo, read the press release, or schedule a meeting.